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                                                                                              Emerging as a new generation of country music                                                                                                               artist, ABBY has a tremendous respect for Dolly, Shania,                                                                                                 and the stream of talented women who blazed trails for                                                                                                   the happening young women of country music’s current                                                                                                 world to follow.  Looking at the current music landscape                                                                                                 through expressive green eyes that turn to hazel as often                                                                                               as she changes creative moods.

                                                                                              Born in New Orleans but raised in Taylorsville,                                                                                                                 Mississippi, Abby has a passion for the traditional side of                                                                                               country music and a vision for her career as an emerging                                                                                               influencer on the new season of creativity in the digital                                                                                                   age.

                                                                                              Self-describing herself as “a real south Mississippi                                                                                                         country girl who loves cut-off shorts, walking barefoot,                                                                                                     AND loves dressing up…”  Abby made an early decision                                                                                               towards a career in country music.

                                                                                              “I set my heart on Nashville around the age of 10,” she                                                                                                   today recalls. “My grandmother was a huge Elvis fan—                                                                                                   she’d be cleaning and cooking with his music blaring all                                                                                                 over the house.  Elvis, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn were                                                                                               artists I literally grew up on.  In fact one funny incident I                                                                                                   remember while growing up on our farm was that my dad had a stack of lumber behind the barn that I actually arranged into my own ‘stage!’ I set-up my little karaoke machine and found an extension chord that I plugged in so I could perform for the horses and goats.   Eventually I got so good, the neighbors would regularly come over for my special performances!”

With influences from bluesy Elvis to rockin’ country, Abby’s songwriting today bears the unmistakable influence of her southern roots. “I like raw emotion, vulnerable lyrics—songs that really spark a heart connection between artist and listeners.  Songs that cause people to say, ‘yeah, I’ve experienced that too—I know that feeling.’ On the flip side, I also really love the energy of ‘feel good’ music!  I drive a lot and I love to fly down the road with my country music crankin’ full out!”

Abby has hopes that the first song she ever wrote –“One Wish”—will make the cut for her upcoming studio project.  She wrote the song when she was eight. “I don’t know really where it came from—it’s about a girl who wants to reclaim the love of the one guy in her life—her one true love.  Kind of a mature theme for an eight year old—but to this day, it’s one of my favorites of the songs I’ve written.”

Abby is managed by Herb Graham, owner of Graham Artist Management. “Herb has been like a second dad to me,” notes Abby.  “My dad and he are good friends—he has a daughter my age and I’ve often gotten to visit his ranch in Texas.  I have a tremendous amount of confidence in where he is taking my career.”

Abby is spurred by a love of performing—although she admits it’s songwriting that is a real passion. “I often said if I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, I’d be happy just to write songs. But my voice has gotten a lot of attention—and I’m a born ham—a real people person!  I’m very high energy onstage and I love the adrenaline rush of performing for an audience!”

She writes mostly at the piano—sometimes with a set of lyrics already at hand—sometimes noodling with melodies that wait to have lyrics bring them to life. “I never know how the songs will come—each one is unique.  I’ve actually dreamed songs so I keep a pad by my bed. I even text myself ideas on cell phone.”

In the rare moments she’s not immersed in music, Abby enjoys working out, riding horses, motorcycling, water sports, & shopping.

Abby Graham